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New Online Banking & Mobile App

New Online Banking & Mobile App is LIVE!

Our new and upgraded Online and Mobile Banking services are live and ready for our customers to enjoy.  These new platforms provide a simple and seamless experience, no matter what device you are using.  There will be several new features to help improve the way you bank, including enhanced security features, money management tools and more.  Any current mobile banking users will need to download the new Diamond Bank mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.  When you login for the first time, computer or mobile device, you will be prompted to provide your two-factor authentication (2FA).  This will provide an added layer of protection and security for your accounts. 

Diamond Bank Mobile- Download Now!



Features & Functionality

Card Management
Manage your Diamond Bank debit card
Mobile Deposit
Deposit a check from anywhere with a few taps on your smartphone
Set Up Alerts
Get balance (low/high) and transaction notifications for each account
Add Photos
Keep track of receipts by adding photos to your transactions
Secure Messaging
Start a secure conversation while viewing any transaction details
Pay Bills & People
Pay bills and your friends or family right from your online banking or mobile app
Find Locations & ATMs
Quickly find the nearest branch or ATM
in our mobile app
View Documents
View and download
electronic statements and notices
Transfer Money
Transfer to and from your Diamond Bank accounts and other financial institutions
Account Information
View balances, recent activity, check images and search for transactions
Personalize Your App
Arrange the Diamond Bank app's features in a way that makes the most sense to you

What You Need To Know

• Your username & password for online and mobile banking will stay the same.
• When you login for the first time, you will be prompted to provide your two-factor authentication (2FA). This will give your account an added level of protection and security.
• You will need to download the NEW version of our Diamond Bank Mobile App.
• If you use Bill Pay, your existing bill payments and payees will automatically appear in the new system.

What browsers are supported? 
We recommend downloading the current version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari*. 
Microsoft Internet Explorer is not a supported browser and you may be denied access to the Online Banking platform.

To download the latest browsers, click the links below:
*Safari updates are no longer available for PCs. To find out more information, visit

Signing In For The First Time

Online Users: Click on the Account Login button on our home page to get started
Mobile App Users: You will need to download the new Diamond Bank Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play
All Users:
• Enter your existing username and password to sign in
• Enter your email address and a phone number where you can receive a text or phone call to obtain a verification code
• Select how you would like to receive your verification code
• Enter the 7-digit verification code received and click verify
• Review the User Agreement and click accept
• You will be taken to your new Dashboard to begin your new Online Banking experience!

If I have multiple Online Banking accounts, will I have to log in to each account with the usernames and passwords for each account separately?
With our new mobile app, you can sign into multiple user profiles and quickly switch between them using a PIN instead of entering a username and password. If you add more profiles to your mobile app, you will need to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) for each of them.

How do I add additional login profiles to my mobile app? 
• From the top of the menu bar, press the switch icon next to your profile name.
• Select the profile you wish to log into.
• Enter the PIN or use the fingerprint authentication, if prompted.

Two-Factor Authentication Process

What is two-factor authentication?
Two-factor authentication is a security feature that gives you an added level of security for your account information. To implement 2FA, you will need to enroll an email address and a phone number (mobile or landline). Once this information is entered, you'll choose one of three options to receive a one-time verification code:
1. Text message to the mobile phone entered
2. Automated phone call to the phone number entered
3. Authy App (Download the Authy App)
After entering the verification code, if you are logging in from a secure computer, you have the option to select "don't ask for code again on this computer." This allows you to avoid having to enter a verification code during each login. This option should never be selected on a shared or public computer.

How does the phone call verification process work?
If you select to receive a phone call (mobile or landline), you will enter a single specific digit, as directed, before the verification code is provided.
If you do not answer the phone call, please note that a second call will not be made automatically and the system will not leave codes on a voicemail. If you do not answer, you will need to select the option to have the code re-sent. (Note: The "from" phone number may be listed as incoming from anywhere in the United States.)

What should I do if I did not receive a verification code to continue with the two-factor authentication enrollment?
Please be sure the phone number you entered is correct. If it needs to be changed, contact our Customer Service at (877)213-2265.

How much time do I have to enter the verification code?
Codes are valid for three to six minutes and will expire after that time.

Can I lock myself out from entering an incorrect verification code?
Yes, you can get locked out of the enrollment process if too many attempts are made with an incorrect code (more than six times in a single hour). There is no manual reset for this. You will need to wait an hour to try again following your first attempt. If you make more than 20 unsuccessful attempts in a 24-hour period, your login will be suspended and you will not be able to attempt again for 24 hours. If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact Customer Service at (877)213-2265.

If I selected "remember this computer", why am I being asked for a verification code each time I log in?
There are several reasons you may be prompted for a verification code.
• If you log in on different browsers
• If you deleted your browser history
• If you have your browser settings set to delete your cookies and history automatically

Can I receive the two-factor authentication verification code via email?
No, this is not an available option. The code can be received using one of the following options. 
• Text Message
• Phone Call
• Authy App (Download the Authy App)

How can I reset my two-factor authentication enrollment?
You can reset your own two-factor authentication enrollment in both the mobile app and online by going to your profile page and selecting security within the settings tab. 

Your Custom Dashboard

After successfully signing in, the first screen you see is your "Dashboard." A list of your accounts are presented at the top. To view all accounts on one screen, select "View All." Under your account listing, Quick Actions are listed (Transfer, Pay, Deposit, Message). Under the Quick Action icons, you will find Transactions, Payments, Transfers, Card Management, etc. 

Can I reorganize my dashboard?
Yes, at the bottom of the dashboard, click "Organize Dashboard" to drag and drop, delete or add information.

The dashboard activity displays transactions from all my accounts. How can I find account-specific information? 
Simply click "Transaction" for the specific account you want to review. 

Managing Account & Transaction Alerts

How do I set up an account alert?
Select the account you would like to add an alert for and the select Alert Preferences. You may set up balance or transaction alerts, based on low or high thresholds. You may choose to receive alerts by email, text or within the mobile app.

Will my current account alerts transfer over?
No. All account alerts will need to be re-entered on the new Online Banking platform.

What is a "pending" transaction?
Transactions appear as pending until they are completely processed.

Can I view my statements?
Yes. To view your statements, choose the account you'd like to review and select documents. If you are currently not signed up to receive eStatements, you have the option to enroll at the top of the screen.

Payments and Transfers

Will my Bill Payees and scheduled payments continue after June 22nd?
Yes, all scheduled payments and bill payees will continue to be available.

Will my scheduled or recurring transfers continue after June 22nd?
All scheduled and recurring transfers between Diamond Bank accounts will continue.

How do I transfer money between my accounts?
Select the transfer icon and choose the account you want to transfer To and From. Eligible internal and external accounts will be listed.

Can I add a memo line to a transfer?
A memo line can be added to an immediate transfer. It cannot be added to recurring or future-dated transfers.

Why am I unable to add a memo to recurring or future-dated transfers?
Memos are not an option for either of these transfer options. However, you can add a tag to transfers that will appear after the transfer posts to your account.

Can I make a person-to-person transfer?
Yes. The recipient's phone number and email address are required for this type of transfer. On your computer, select Pay A Person from the Payments box or select the + at the top of the Payments box from the Mobile App and then choose Add A Person. You will then need to select a Keyword that you will share with that person. After submitting the information, confirm your password to continue the process. After sharing the keyword with your payee, they must activate their account so that you can send payments. You will receive an e-mail notification when the payee has activated their account.

Will I be able to delete transfers once they have been submitted?
No. Internal and External transfers cannot be deleted once they are submitted. If a transfer was submitted mistakenly, a new transfer will need to be set up to move the funds back.

Managing Debit & Credit Card Access and Controls

What controls are available for managing your Diamond Bank debit and credit cards?
Under Card Management on your dashboard, you will have more access and control of your Diamond Bank debit and credit cards.
• Report a lost or stolen card 
• Turn your card on or off
• Add or remove travel notices
• Reorder and activate a new card

How do I report a lost or stolen card? 
To report a lost or stolen card, log in to your Online Banking account and click on the corresponding card in the Card Management area of your dashboard. Select Report Lost/Stolen and mark the appropriate option.

Can I lock my debit or credit card from being used for a period of time?
Yes. Within Card Management, select the card you want to lock and toggle the switch. Transactions will be denied, but recurring payments may continue. Any credits or deposits to the card will also be allowed.