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Location Controls

Setting Control Preferences

1. On the Card Details screen, tap Control Preferences to set Card Control preferences.
The following Card Control options appear:
  • Locations
  • Merchant Types
  • Transaction Types
  • Spend Limits
2. Tap Tell Me More for information on how control preferences work.

Location Controls

On the Control Preferences screen, tap Locations to go to the Location Controls screen.
Location Controls settings apply only to in‐store (card-present) transactions. Online or
telephone (card-not-present) transactions are not location-based transactions.
Use the Location Controls options to define the areas in which your card can and cannot be
used for card‐present transactions:
  • My Location
  • My Regions
  • International

My Location

My Location is pre-set to a radius of about five miles from the cardholder's primary device. This
control is either on or off. Once turned on, My Location allows in-store transactions in the fivemile
radius of any user who has registered that card.
NOTE: The radius may extend to a boundary such as a ZIP Code area, county line, state line, or
other boundary.
When you enable My Location in Location Controls, MyCardRules compares your location
and the merchant's location to decide whether a transaction should be approved. Transactions
made at merchant locations that are more than five miles from your phone's location are denied.

Tap My Location on the Location Controls screen to turn on the control.

When you enable My Location in Location Controls, MyCardRules compares your primary
device's location and the merchant's location to decide whether a transaction should be
approved. Transactions made at merchant locations that are more than approximately five miles
from your phone's location are denied.
NOTE: Your phone must be on for My Location to work.
To determine your location, MyCardRules:
  • Assumes that you are carrying the mobile device that is set as the primary device.
  • Uses the location of the mobile device as a proxy for your location.
MyCardRules compares the following data from the merchant to your Primary Device location:
  • ZIP Code
  • City
  • State
  • Country
NOTE: You must turn on Location Settings and enable Location Tracking on your mobile device
for the My Location Controls and My Location Alerts to work. If your phone is turned off,
MyCardRules is invoked, and uses the phone's last known location for up to two hours. If the
phone is off for more than two hours, My Location is not invoked. In addition, certain
merchant types are excluded from location controls such as gasoline, toll roads, and
emergency services.
Please refer to the My Location Explained document for further details about using My

My Regions

The My Regions control enables you to limit where a card may be used for in-store (cardpresent)
transactions. You can add up to three regions for each card. Each region is a circular
area with a minimum radius of five miles. You may enable regions in the U.S., Mexico, and

Please refer to the My Regions Explained document for further details about using My Regions.

Defining Regions

Follow this task to define one or more regions in which in-store (card-present) transactions can
be made.

1. On the Location Controls screen, turn on My Regions.
    An interactive map opens.
2. Search for an area using the city and state abbreviation.
    If you do not type the state abbreviation, an incorrect area may appear. For example, enter
    Paris, TX. Then, tap the search icon.

3. Pinch the screen to zoom in or out to define the region on the map.

4. To save the region, enter a name for the region in the Enter a Name field and tap Save.
    The state abbreviation is not required in the name field. A dialog prompts you to save the changes.

5. If you wish, repeat these steps to define up to three control regions.
    To delete a region, tap the Delete icon in the bottom right corner.
NOTE: The region you create is a rectangle inside of a circle. Thus, the actual region where the
card allows transactions is a circle that is larger than the map you create can see on the
device. The initial diameter of the circle is formed by drawing a straight line from the top right
corner of the map to the bottom left corner of the map. Approximately five miles are added
to the diameter to create the region. The extension of the region is to prevent transactions
from being falsely denied.
When My Regions have been created, all in-store transactions made outside the specified
regions are denied. In addition, if My Location has been set to On, transactions within five
miles of the cardholder's primary device are also approved.


The International control is used to limit the countries where in-store (card-present)
transactions can be made.
If the International control is not enabled, and left in the off position (white), in-store (cardpresent)
transactions are allowed in any country outside the home country. The home country
for MyCardRules is the United States. To deny in-store transactions from being made outside
the United States, on the Location Controls screen, tap International until it is green.

If you wish to use a card outside the United States, you may add up to five countries where instore
transactions are allowed. Tap Add Country. Begin typing the country. When it appears,
tap Save.
TIP: To allow transactions in Canada or Mexico, add those countries if you enable the
International control. If International has not been enabled, all transactions are allowed all
around the globe.

Confirmation Dialogs

MyCardRules may display a confirmation dialog when you select a location control option. You
may accept or cancel the action if the results are not what you wanted.