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Manage Settings

Manage Settings

To manage settings, tap  Menu, and then tap Settings.
The Settings screen provides access to these options:

● Personal Information
● Primary Device
● Do Not Disturb
● Passcode
● Password
● Touch ID

Updating Personal Information

1. On the Settings screen, tap Personal Information.
The Personal Information screen opens.
2. Modify your personal information.
    a) User Full Name
        Displayed on the home screen.
    b) Email
        The email address to which MyCardRules sends a security token email if you forget your
        password. This is also your user name if you chose to use your email address as your
        MyCardRules user name.
    c) Phone
        This number appears in the mConsole, the backend support application for MyCardRules.
        The phone number does not display in MyCardRules other than on this input screen.

Enabling a Primary Device

To receive alerts, you must set the mobile device on which you want to receive alerts as the
primary device.

1. On the Settings screen, tap Primary Device.
2. On the Device Settings screen, enable Primary Device.

Setting Up Do Not Disturb

Use the Do Not Disturb feature to set the hours during which you do not want MyCardRules to
send push notifications to your phone.

1. On the Settings screen, tap Do Not Disturb.
    The Do Not Disturb screen opens.
2. Turn on Do Not Disturb.
3. Select times in the From and To fields to define the Do Not Disturb period.
4. Select your time zone.
5. Tap OK.
    The Do Not Disturb option is enabled for the specified time period.

During the Do Not Disturb period:

● Alerts for card-present transactions are still sent.
● Other alerts are not sent, but they appear in the Messages section where you can view them
   for up to seven days.

Setting a Passcode from the Passcode Screen

If you did not set a MyCardRules passcode when you first logged on to your MyCardRules
account, you can do so any time from the Passcode screen.

1. On the Settings screen, tap Passcode.
2. Tap the Enter Passcode field to display the keyboard.
3. Enter a four-character alphanumeric passcode.
4. Tap Set.
5. Reenter your passcode.
    Enter the same four-character alphanumeric passcode.
6. Tap Set again.

Changing Your Password

Use the Change Password feature to change your login password.

1. On the Settings screen, tap Change Password.
2. Enter your current password.
3. Enter your new password.
    A password can be any combination of 8-12 numbers, letters, and symbols and must meet
    these guidelines:

● At least one uppercase or lowercase letter.
● At least one number.
● Symbols may be used but are not required.
TIP: Tap the Eye icon on the right side of the Password fields to be able to see password
characters as you enter them and make sure that there are no mistakes.
4. Re-enter your new password.
5. Tap OK.

Enabling Fingerprint Identification

If your mobile device can do so, you may enable MyCardRules to authenticate access using
your phone's fingerprint sensor instead of your passcode.

Fingerprint ID cannot replace the password when the app requires the user to log on.

1. On the Settings screen, tap Touch ID.
2. Follow the phone's directions for setting up the manufacturer's fingerprint access.
    For example: Touch ID® for Apple®, fingerprint scanner for Samsung®.

If assistance is needed, refer to the manufacturer owner's manual.

Log Out

On the main menu, tap Log Out to log out of MyCardRules.

Resetting Your Password

If you forget your password, you may request MyCardRules to email a security token that allows
you to create a password.

1. On the Login screen, tap Forgot Password.
2. On the Forgot Password screen, enter your user name and tap OK.
A security token is sent to the email address you used for MyCardRules.
NOTE: You can change your email address on the Personal Information screen in the main menu
by tapping  Menu and going to Settings > Personal Information. For detailed
directions, see Updating Personal Information.

3. Retrieve the security token from your email.
4. Access the Forgot Password screen.
5. Select I have the security token.
6. Enter the security token in the Security Token field.
    The token must be typed in. It cannot be copied and pasted in.
7. Enter the new password in the New Password field.
8. Re-enter the new password in the Confirm Password field and tap OK.


Help is available throughout MyCardRules in four ways:

● Tap Menu from any screen and select Legal & Help.
● Tap Help on the Control Preferences and Alert Preferences screens.
● Tap Information on the Location Controls and Location Alerts screens.
● Tap Help on the Welcome screen.