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Transaction Details

View Card Front Details

From the main menu, there are two ways to display the Card Details screen. Either tap Home or
tap the card image on the right.

The Card Details screen includes:
  • Card front image with the cardholder's name, last four digits of the card number, card
    expiration date, and card status icon (green icon = on, red icon = off).
  • Card On/Off: When a card is turned off, all transactions attempted on the card except
    recurring payments, credits, and deposits are denied.
  • Control Preferences:  
    • Locations
    • Merchant Types
    • Transaction Types
    • Spend Limits  
  • Alert Preferences:  
    • Locations
    • Merchant Types
    • Transaction Types
    • Spend Limits 
  • Recent Transactions: List of recent card charges.

Recent Transactions is not the system of record for the card.
Shared Card Users: List of current shared card users. New shared card users can be added
from this screen. Shared Card Users appears for primary cardholders only.

Navigation to Registered Cards: When more than one card has been registered, dots
appear above the card image. Swipe either right or left to navigate to a card.


View Card Back Details

Tap the card front image to display the information on the back of the card.
  • Card Status: Active or Inactive
  • Last Update: Last time the card information was updated from FI's backend system.

Access the Transactions Screen

You can access recent transactions from two locations in MyCardRules:
  • Tap Recent Transactions on the Card Details screen to view transactions for a specific card.
  • Tap the  main menu icon in the upper-right or upper-left corner of any screen and tap
    Transactions in the menu options to view transactions for all cards.

Interpret the Transaction Icons

Each transaction icon reflects a specific transaction status.

A star in the upper-right corner of an icon indicates that an alert was generated for that

Navigate the Transactions Screen

The Transactions screen shows a summary of your recent transactions.
  • MyCardRules transaction history displays only those transactions completed after you
    register the card. Transactions completed prior to registering the card in MyCardRules do not
    appear. If the Transactions screen was accessed from a specific card, the screen shows the
    transactions associated with that card.
  • If the Transactions screen was accessed from the main menu, the screen shows transactions
    for all managed cards.
  • The Transactions list displays transactions from approximately the previous 30 days.
  • Pending transactions appear at the top of the screen in reverse chronological order and show
    Merchant Name and Transaction Amount.
  • Completed transactions in the other statuses appear together in reverse chronological order
    and show Merchant Name, Transaction Amount, and Transaction Status. Credits and
    ATM inquiries appear in green, and debits and withdrawals appear in black.

Filtering Transactions

You can filter the transactions that appear.
1. Swipe downward to show the Filter field.
2. There are two ways to filter transactions.
Use the Search Transactions field. 1. Enter at least three letters of a merchant
    name to show the transactions from that
2. When finished, delete the letters from the
    Search Transactions field to show the
    full list of transactions again.
Use the Filter button to show additional
search fields.
1. Tap Filter.
2. Select or enter information in one or more

    ● In the None field, tap to select a tag to
       show transactions with that tag.
    ● Tap Start Date and End Date to select
       dates from the calendars and show
       transactions within that date range.
    ● Tap Amount and enter an amount in
       dollars and cents, e.g., 5.00, to see
       transactions of that amount and
   ● Tap Search to show transactions
      meeting those criteria.
   ● Tap Filter again to toggle the full list of

 Search Using the Search Transactions Field


Search Using the Filter Button


View Transaction Details

The Transactions screen shows views of the front and back of the transaction receipt and a
menu that allows you to access various transaction features.

Receipt Details: Front Side

On the Transactions screen, tap a transaction to show the details of a transaction on a receipt.
The following are the details that show on the front of a receipt.
  • Transaction Status icon:
  • Transaction amount
  • Merchant name and address
  • Transaction type
  • Merchant type
  • Card type and number (last four digits)
  • Transaction date
  • Alerts generated (Yes/No)

Receipt Details: Back Side

Tap the receipt image to display additional information on the reverse side of the receipt.

The following are the details that show on the back of a receipt:
  • Transaction status
  • Transaction amount
  • Merchant name and address when available
  • Alert category if a transaction alert was generated
  • Reason for denial if the transaction was denied

Using Tags and Memos

The Tag function enables you to categorize a transaction.
TIP: All transactions default to Untagged.
  1. Tap Tag on the Transactions Receipt screen to open the Tags screen and assign a tag to a
    Select from one of the following tags:
  • Business
  • Personal
  • Family
TIP: The tag remains on the transaction unless it is changed to Untagged.
2. Tap Memo on the Transactions Receipt screen to open the Notes screen.
3. Type a note about the transaction.
4. Tap Save.